Below we have list 7 good reason why gutter guards work and why every home / commercial premise on the Sunshine Coast should have them

1. Gutter Guards stop leaves and other debris from jamming up your gutters and overflowing – so stop spending your precious time cleaning out those ongoing blockages or wasting money on getting professionals out to do it for you just to have them fill back up again.

2. Gutter Guards are a physical barrier to rodents, birds, and possums that can otherwise find their way into your roof space to cause damage and sleepless nights.

3. Gutter Guards stop your gutters from prematurely rusting due to stagnant water laying in them. This means that your gutters will last a lot longer then they usual would which means; you save money.

4. Here on the Sunshine Coast with our high annual rainfall, Gutter Guards also prevent the blockages that cause your gutters to overflow during these high rainfall times. This overflowing is dangerous as not only can it cause water to enter your home causing damage but can also cause damage to your foundations. Overflowing gutters can also cause unsightly staining on the outside of your home.

5. Gutter Guards can improve the flow of water through the guttering and downpipe system as they stop them from blocking up. This is essential if you have a rainwater tank as it means you stop loosing valuable water and your tank will fill up more quickly. The water will also be cleaner as the gutter guard filters out all those debris and contaminants that can cause staining.

6. Stop insects and vermin such as mosquitoes, mice, cockroaches, and spiders from breeding in the gutters. Gutter Guards greatly reduce the amount of stagnant water that just sits in the gutter and because there is no stagnant water, it becomes much more difficult and unattractive for those nasties to use the gutters as their breeding ground.

7. Sunshine Coast being a high treed area; specifically fire / ember guard rated Gutter Guards are excellent protection in bushfire prone areas. Embers can travel a up to a few kilometres away during a fire and if these embers get into dry material in the gutters they can ignite and the fire can spread quickly. Installing gutter guard helps protect your home from burning ember attacks.