Gutter Knight Sunshine Coast Supplies and installs Gutter Guard for:
  • all Residential homes
  • all Commercial premises
  • all Industrial complexes
  • Schools
  • Child Care Centres
  • Retirement Villages
  • Townhouses
  • Body Corporate
  • Unit Complexes

And many more – not sure, just simply ask us 🙂

Gutter Knight Sunshine Coast installs gutter mesh on a wide variety of buildings and different roof profiles; small one level homes, two storey plus homes, architectural designed homes that have multiple roof profiles and heights; we cover the lot. When quoting for you, we take the time to suggest the most appropriate gutter mesh for your job taking into consideration all the surrounding tree types, type of roofing, guttering material, local Council certifications, if bush fires are a potential risk and also if there is a water tank in use.

Another added benefit of Gutter Knight is all our gutter protection mesh, fittings and guttering metal trim are powder coated to suit the colour of your roof and guttering; meaning your gutter mesh will simply blend into your roof line.

tiled roof

Tiled Roofs

Gutter Knight supplies and installs a variety of gutter mesh to suit all tiled roofs including concrete, terracotta, masonry and metal tiles called Decramastic.

Tiled roof valleys can also have gutter guard installed providing full protection for your whole roof.

Our gutter mesh is installed and secured up under the base of the second tile and then secured to the front of the gutter edge by using galvanised steel screws and a powder coated metal angle trim forming a totally sealed unit. When installed the gutter guard mesh has a downward slope over the outside edge of your gutters, this makes it easier for debris and leaves to simply slide or be blown off the roof by the wind.

All fittings used are powdered coated to suit the colour of your roof and gutters, to provide a seamless and neat look.


Metal Roofs

Gutter Knight supplies and installs a range of gutter protection mesh to suit all metal style roofs including Corrugated, Trimdek, bullnose (on verandas) and other types of metal roofing.

metal roof

The gutter mesh is secured to the roof using metal ‘saddles’ that are held in place with galvanised self sealing rubber topped screws which places downward pressure on the gutter guard mesh holding it secure and tight against the roof so leaves and foreign debris cannot get under the mesh. The other side of the gutter guard is secured to the outer gutter edge by galvanised screws and a powder coated metal trim forming an enclosed area that easily lets water in but keeps leaves and debris out as they just slide or blow off with the wind.

All fittings used are powdered coated to suit the colour of your roof and gutters, to provide a seamless and neat look.

ember gutter guard

Bush fire prone areas – Fire Ember Gutter Guard

Gutter Knight uses a specially developed / tested / certified steel gutter guard protection mesh system for use in high fire prone areas. This mesh uses a tighter 2mm aperture (hole spacing) and is specially designed for high bush fire rating areas – don’t be fooled by imitations on the market using flimsy materials or plastic mesh fobbing off as fire proof, if it’s not steel it’s not a certified fire ember guard…

Our 2mm All Steel Mesh is an industry benchmark – a combined gutter guard and ember guard system specially designed to meet stringent Australian standards ensuring maximum protection

Bushfire compliant to Australian Standards AS3959-2009/Amdt2011, with proven compliance at all bushfire attack levels

Don’t mess around with the safety of your family make sure your ember guard is compliant.

Safety is our Number 1 Priority

We take safety extremely seriously. If we deem a roof to be unsafe or dangerous due to roof / structural damage we will not work on it.

Commercial jobs we always provide SWMS (Safe Work Method Statements) and first perform Risk Assessments prior to starting these jobs. Our licensed team carry roof harnesses with them and are trained in their use.